Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mister Snapper The Cat

mister snapper the cat is in the hospital
has a blockage in his man-cat parts
i thought briefly about just waiting it out
laid in bed thinking about what to do
then realized I really had to pee
then thought how mister snapper must feel the same way
only much, much worse
I got out of bed, looked online about cats and UTI's
cats with blockages can die within 24-48 hours
so then I grabbed the phone book and called his vet
they said bring him in RIGHT NOW, and by the way that will be an extra 60 bucks because its an emergency
sure enough, mister snapper had blockage and they needed to operate right away

so we are waiting to hear now how he did in surgery

I feel bad for waiting and deliberating on what to do
my pets are all getting old and starting to have problems
but I do love them

On the paperwork I had to check which box applies:
is your animal ______family_______companion_______pet
I didn't hesitate to mark the "family" box

mister snapper is a manly cat
he likes his toilet water
and he likes to sit in the window
and sometimes sneaks out side to eat grass and lay in the sun
or perch near the birdbath
he's become much more cuddly in his older years

I nursed his broken hip when he fell off the roof (or its possible the ex accidentally backed over him)
he liked to bring me presents of freshly chewed shrews
he proudly held them in his mouth and then flung them in the air
poor things
and at night he would climb the roof and sit by the boys bedroom window upstairs

he's a great cat
you think about all this stuff when your "pet" gets sick

I suppose had they told me it would cost a gazillion bucks to fix him, I'd have tried to come up with the money to make him better
but luckily they charged a fair rate, less than I expected actually

mister snapper's supposed to come home monday
let's hope the news is good!

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