Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things to do... Things to DO!

So now I am on vacation. Yes, I may have the summer off from work, but I still had full time college. And now that I am done with summer term (a 4 point, thank you very much!), now I am technically on vacation until work starts back up very, very soon.

And then I will juggle full time work with full time school.

So here I sit, wondering what I should do with the remainder of my vacation.

I've done a whole bunch of ebay listings. I have cleaned, and will clean even more I am sure. Spend some time with the kids. Go somewhere.

But as I sit here, wondering what to do with TONIGHT, looking around at the piles around me. I got up and took some pictures of piles. A sign of obsessive compulsive disorder? Or laziness? Or someone who is just really, really busy. Or all of the above?

So, as I sit here wondering what to do next.... the boys walk in with a new board game.

"Mom! You wanna play a board game?! Before I can utter "Uhhhh", they have the game set up and ready to go.

Guess that took care of that!

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