Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summertime - And The Livin' Is Easy....

As most of you know, well all four of you who read my blog... summer is MY time. I wait all year, starting on the first day of school, for the first day of summer. I count down EVERY day and even proclaim at the end of a working day that we are "one day closer to summer." Some may say this is silly, saying in September that we are one day closer to summer, but take it from me, this is for sanity's sake. It's my way of looking forward to my favorite time and being positive when the weather turns gloomy.. for that is when my mood turns gloomy as well. Summer is my winter's light at the end of the tunnel.

As for THIS summer, well, it's been jam-packed and it's not over yet! We've been camping, floating the river, took a trip to California, lots of bbq's, been to the races and the drags, celebrating family, life and warm weather when we've got it. 


Now we are in August (ALREADY!?!) and this month we have the Country Music Festival to attend like last year, and Wade's daughter is getting married this month too. Nathan has a birthday and I do believe my first day back to work (ugh) will be this month as well. 

I can honestly say that as busy as this summer has been, and I did at one time complain a bit that it is go, go, go a bit too too much... it has been a wonderful summer full of fun and good times. I never floated a river before, and I've never been to LA. Now I have! My summers of the past have included college, homework, ebay and staying home. I didn't do anything and i thought I liked it that way. 

But now I'm out there living life! LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE! 

There are some who pooh-pooh my enthusiasm. My mush and gush. But, it is who I am and I believe life is for living and we must have a positive attitude or we have a negative life. It's all in how you choose to live and I choose to live as cheerfully as possible!

So, I will enjoy my simple pleasures: a stalk of wheat, a golden sunset, the smell of hay and the sound of frogs croaking at night. The way my curtains blow in the gentle breeze, the song of the yellow finch at the bird feeder, how the light hits the leaves in the maple tree in the front yard. THAT, is truly what life is about. 

Enjoy what remains of your own summer.