Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's A Wild Life & A Safari!

Life's Wild Ride!

Oregon's Wildlife Safari ~ sometimes hilly, sometimes flat. Some dry spells with nothing exciting happening (animals), sometimes more activity than you can handle. Charging bears, amazing eagles, and the curious that come to take a closer look. Sweet faces you meet on the way, others not so sweet. Sometimes caged, sometimes completely free. A beautiful view, and sometimes simply barren.
Isn't LIFE like that too?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fast Cars & Freedom

There's nothing like the old classics: attention to detail, fine, fluid lines, Bakelite gear knobs, and... dice! The feel of cold leather or vinyl, a push button radio, a purring engine. Pure works of art! Classic!
*All pictures taken by me at last summers Grants Pass Car Show*

For The Birds

"The Joy of Winged Things"

Not only am I a people watcher, but a bird watcher as well. I like to watch how birds land on something as tiny as a steeple lightning rod. Or gracefully balance on a swaying branch. Just something interesting about them, to me. Particularly the black birds. Here are some pictures I've taken. A parting question: Is an ostrich a bird?