Sunday, September 4, 2011


Our most recent camping trip, this weekend.

A wedding attended and looking forward to our own next summer.

Me and my very special dad.


CONCERT in Brownsville.

Our trailer, er... love shack?

These beautiful sunrises and sunsets out in the country. I thank God for them every day.

Beautiful fields of wheat, and hazelnut orchards. Right out my back door. And side door. And front door.

A very romantic moment. FLY ME TO THE MOON playing and dancing after we set off our paper lantern.

My favorite picture of us. So in love. Holding on to each other like we never want to let go.

And dancing with my dad. That ranks way up there too.

Reminding myself what is important. I need no reminding.

Garden visitors.

Time with my kids, who are wonderful.

Remembering that time is precious and it goes very fast. I treasure the time I've had this summer.