Monday, May 31, 2010

Childhood memories.
Up top, I'll never forget those dining room curtains. Oh the things we remember.

Take for instance, above. On my birthday at Grandma & Grandpa's. I'm 7 or 8 here.
My favorite gift: Grandma's specially wrapped (in tin foil) hunk-o-cheese.
Her cheese always tasted better, even though later she told me it was the
cheap brand at the store. Oh, that Grandma!

She told me that Grandpa insisted on some certain brand of coffee. But it was
expensive, Grandma said. She started buying the cheap brand, put it in the other container.
Said Gramps never knew the difference. Oh, that Grandma!

Here you see, above, Jimmy and I. I think I was about 10. Jimmy looks
so sweet ~ a devil in disguise!
This is in Medford on Shaefer Lane.

This one, above, one of the few it seems of us with Mom. This picture
reminds me of life as it truly was: boxers, beat up Barbie dolls and old fake fur coats.
Might as well throw in Franklin Street and that old VW bus. Let's not forget those
home hair cuts...

This one? Ah, fond memories at Grandma's again. Dad has that table now. And I want that Barbie doll.

LIFE GOES ON. Make good memories, and be sure to write them down!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Beach Memories

We climbed over rocks to find a secluded beach (above) that was
a little slice of heaven!



Dad, king of the house, overseeing from his throne!

Kristina was here!

These, on my power walk.

BEACH WEEKEND was great! Most of the family was there! Weather
was good on and off. The house was wonderful, especially the hot tub. Not a bad room in the place, either.

* good times *

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Letting Begonia's Be Begonia's

Grandma's Begonia

I've been taking care of this lovely plant since Grandma passed away
over 16 years ago. This is the happiest and healthiest it's been.

I moved it to a sunny south/west window where it has decided
it is quite happy. It's thanked me with a proliferation of these
florets and shiny leaves since!

Do you want a start of it? Let me know!

We keep things that we love with us at all times. We can even keep part of something
that has passed on alive in other ways.

Thus, letting begonia's be begonia's.