Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduations, Promotions, and squirrels!

Camping spot at Sunnyside. Oregon is SO pretty!

5th grade promotion

This charming fellow is my great nephew. Drinking SODA??!!!

Easily amused!

This guy wants to join in the fun!

AFTER he ate the Pringles....

and, BEFORE he ate the Pringles....

It's been a busy month!

My oldest graduated from high school in early June, top of his class. Received the Presidential Award! My youngest has been promoted on to middle school. I'm officially on vacation from my school job, so now I will go back to college, summer term! My middle son wants to get his drivers permit! Oh Lordy I'm busy! But happy!

This last weekend I went camping with my sister, daughter and great-niece. Just us girls! All went well until I woke up in the middle of the night to ABSOLUTE SILENCE! Mind you, my house is right by the freeway so I've gotten used to the (loud!) traffic 24/7, but never thought I'd have trouble sleeping with no noise. Then there was the sound of crunching leaves/twigs right outside our tent. Have I ever told you I am a big CHICKEN? Afraid of the dark, I am!

I was never so happy to see the sun rise as that morning. Now I feel silly....

My sister and I entertained ourselves by tempting a squirrel (or is this a chipmunk?) into a PRINGLES can and watching it stuff 6 or 7 or 8 red grapes into its cheeks. That was our fun.

Then there's this sweet old dog I currently have listed for sale on Ebay (thanknukindly) that would just LOVE to chase after one of those squirrely squirrels.

Summer's going to be great! School, fun, relaxing, spending time with family. Wonderful!