Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beloved Zinnias!

I was going to write about the ants invading my kitchen like wildfire on dry trees. I was going to write about this blasted heat wave... I no longer do well in summer. I was going to write about how I found out someone has invaded my privacy and has gotten into my email account. I was going to blast about tolerating ants and heat, but not hackers. Or more like stalkers.

But since there's nothing else I can do but be mindful, watchful and... change my password.... I'm going to treat myself to something more soothing and which I dearly love: ZINNIA'S.

Zinnia's are my favorite flower. They are easy to grow, easy to keep. They bloom for as long as you let them. If you cut them, they bloom even more. They don't ask for much, just some water. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors of the rainbow. They are blissful! I love to watch how some will turn their head to follow the sun. But mostly I love how they change as they open. They start out as a big, round bulbish bud. Then they start to open and look like FIREWORKS as the leaves pop out. Then the leaves unfold and they are GLORIOUS! And then the middle pops up like a dome and then these sweet little flowers circle around the dome like a garland. SPLENDID!

Aren't they wonderful? Inspiring?

Smacking an ant off my shoulder, while fanning myself as I sit here. I feel better already.

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