Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Trip for the Summer To Jacksonville Oregon

Beautiful countryside between Jacksonville & Medford

A stop in Rogue River on the Rogue River

The trolley ride in Jacksonville

We are nice and dry in this "before" picture. The after isn't nearly so pleasant

We had planned a trip sometime this summer, but had to wait till I was out of school, and then made these last minute plans to go on the jetboats again, then take a scenic trip to Jacksonville, a town I adore!

Will only post a few pictures in this post, but it was so much fun. Kitty and I are coming back, just the two of us.

The boat trip was fun but I didn't take my camera, and I am SO glad I didn't. We got half the river dumped on us. Kitty's camera got wet but it seems to be okay now.

More pics of the lovely old homes and shops in Jacksonville soon.

Our dinner was DEE LISH! We ate a wonderful place called BELLA UNION! More on that later, too!

The boys came into an antique store with us and Matt found an old polaroid camera, one of the first, and got all excited. Bought it for him as well as an old AFGA camera I'll do some experimenting with. Maybe I can get them to go to more antique stores now???


emmasgemsvintage said...

I had so much fun! Can't wait to do it again this Fall! Thanks for giving us a ride!

Anonymous said...

Looks so pretty. I wish i could have came. My mom actually gave me a heads up about the trip which is rare. But i had to work that morning. Shame. Looks like everyone had fun. I wish i had more time to go on every family trip. I hate missing out on things. but as long as everyone keeps taking pictures, I feel like i was right there with you!