Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Goodbye

The time came.

I knew.

My friend told me I would just know when it was time.

To let her go.

It was harder than I thought, since I'd been preparing myself since summer.

But when I held her in my arms as she slipped away, it tore at my heart.

We wrapped her in a white baby blanket.

And placed her in a box to take her home.

I just had to see her one last time, and touch her soft fur.

When I opened the blanket, there she was, all curled up, sweet as a sleeping baby doe.

At peace. I knew then I could let her go.

When we first got her, she would sit on my lap and I'd ask her,

"Are you a good girl?" and then she would jump up and lick my face. Every time.

When we put the last of the dirt over her resting spot, and the red tulips were planted,

we stood in silence. And I told her

"You were a good girl."