Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Day of Vacation

Here it is, finally. 


The years go by so fast! I look back on my blog posts and 
I was JUST blogging about summer coming and appreciating life by slowing
down.... and here, it has raced yet again, to another summer.

We had a very rough year. And a magical one, too.

Lots of heartache and sorrow and struggle. People we thought loved us
tried to destroy us. Now I watch my back everywhere I go.

But, not to be overshadowed by that, we also had much LOVE!

We got MARRIED! And, it had the look and feel of the wedding of my dreams.
Our family came together and made it beautiful.  

And now we live in a house on a hill with 7 gorgeous acres that I find like paradise.

I LOVE it here, and I love the people I live here with!

This morning was my first vacation day. I savored it.

I moved my glider rocker out to the front porch where I can sit and look at that magnificent
oak tree and gaze out at the mountains and trees. The birds chirp and the dog lays at my feet.
I sip coffee and READ, read, read to my hearts content. 

Then I got up and did a little housework, and then I did some creating. Then I sat back down and 
rested. Did some gardening. Fertilized plants. Admired flowers..... sat and rested. Sipped rootbeer in my 
rocker again. Just love it! 

Taking time to sit and rest and enjoy life..... priceless. 

Our porch is in transition. We poured the concrete and next year it will be  fabulous outdoor room!

This is a wedding item I refurbished by cleaning up and giving it chalkboard paint. Now it's a cute vignette in the yard! (safe from rain, of course!)

Above, partial view of the oak tree. 

Stay tuned for more summer stories! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Runaway Train

It is a slow moving, runaway train coming at you. 
You can't see it, or hear it, but you
can feel it. You know it's heading your way. And it has no mercy for you. 

It doesn't care if you get masacred in it's path.


You can get out of it's way, or you can be steam rolled by it. One way or the
other, it doesn't care. 

It has no understanding of the damage it can do. It just wants its way. It doesn't 
care if it blows over you and your entire family, home, job, community. It doesn't even care
if it ruins itself in the course of it's action. 


So, you understand... until it sets its course in a different direction, it's coming for you.
Until someone can flip the switch for it to take a different track, it is still on the track that's coming toward

It'll stop in other towns, and it will take on other passengers on it's way. Whatever
feeds the machine. It'll pick up more weight so when it crushes you the blow will be mightier still. 
 And the conductor is the devil. 

So we pray for the angels and God to 
derail the train and send it back to hell, or bring it back into the light and get it off 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Taking Time

We rush around every day to the next task and seldom
 stop to just do nothing at all. 
The beauty is in nothingness, if you know how to look at it.
 I like being alone. And I like the tv off. And I Iike to just sit and watch
leaves falling from trees and I like the radio off in the car sometimes. 
I don't always like to continuously be thinking. 
You have to turn it off sometimes.
It's that way with your computer, and your smart phones and GPS and
all the other things that interrupt life.  You need to turn it off sometimes.
Children are dying for their parents attention. Turn it all off and look 
at that beautiful thing you created. It won't be there for long and
trust me you will be wishing you'd turned your eyes and ears on them
because they'll grow up and out. 
You can be in a room with someone and not have to say one word and
it can be beautiful and say everything that words don't need to.
My daughter and I had a day together today, just the two of us.
We watched a few House Hunters episodes. We watched the leaves
falling outside the big front window.
She worked on her scrapbook and I put family pictures on Facebook for my 
dear husbands family. 
We sat at the breakfast table talking and listening to good music: Zac Brown, Nora Jones, Ray Lamontagne, Jack Johnson. 
There wasn't a lot to it, but it meant the world. 
Connect without having to entertain or purchase anything. 
Just be together.
It's not just good for them. It's good for you, too! 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Your Last Sunset?

Orange, late summer sunsets.
Seems a lot of them lately have been
on our backs as we head home in the evenings. 
And I stop to notice them. 

We decided Friday night's sunset was the most beautiful 
we've ever seen.
To the West, a golden glow with clouds opening up 
for rays of light to fan out overhead like angels wings 
and to the East a rainbow lasting over an hour in a
thunderstorm cloud cover. 
I am very thankful I have someone who stops with me
to express gratitude for a sunset.

Last night, we were on our way home in the evening as the
sun was setting. 
We were coming home from the hospital where my husband's sister
lay dying of cancer.
We shared a quiet drive home and almost there, I turned to the
West to see yet another breathtaking sunset, and a big ball of golden
light radiating from the mountains. 
I could not help but wonder if this would be Evelyn's last sunset.
Certainly the sun is setting on her life. 
I think about these kinds of things. 
We all have our time. Our sun rises and our sun sets. 
We all go about our busy lives and I wonder how we
can get so busy we don't stop to appreciate a beautiful sunset. And there
are people out there who don't. 

It's been very much in the forefront of my mind how fast time flies lately.
I should have maybe yet another 30 good years ahead of me.
But I don't know when my time will come.
My final sunset.

We never know. 
But we should be stopping to appreciate the ones we can see right now, while we 
are here on this earth.

You might know by now I'm no so much talking about appreciating sunsets. 
I'm talking about appreciating what we have, and what we don't have. 
Making the most of our lives NOW. Or making the most of the least, in simplifying 
our lives. Calming down. Loving. Being patient. Our health. Paying attention.
Living and letting live. 

It's going fast, life. 

I hope you choose to stop and have a look at your next sunset. 
You never know when it may be your last. Savor it. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Breathe

 Just Breathe.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. 


 Open the window, and let the air in.

And the sun. 

NOT all who wander are lost.

But in case you are lost, just stop, stand still, and


Eventually you find your way home again.

And sometimes home is not where you thought it was, 

but instead, a delightful place you never imagined.

Sometimes you have to let go of old baggage, and stop looking
in the rear view mirror. You're not going back there anymore.

Stop looking out that window expecting to see the same thing over and over again. 

Let the rain wash away the old footprints of the path where 
you came from, and see the scenery change. Look out the window and expect something different. Make fresh tracks. 
 Stop worrying about things you don't need to worry about. Stop thinking
about things you cannot change.

And start thinking about the things you CAN change. 

See what beauty is already around you, and always was. 

Believe that being happy isn't about anything but what is inside of you, 
and the possibilities that wait to unfold. 

You are right where you are supposed to be. 

Just breathe.

And know everything is going to be okay. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summertime - And The Livin' Is Easy....

As most of you know, well all four of you who read my blog... summer is MY time. I wait all year, starting on the first day of school, for the first day of summer. I count down EVERY day and even proclaim at the end of a working day that we are "one day closer to summer." Some may say this is silly, saying in September that we are one day closer to summer, but take it from me, this is for sanity's sake. It's my way of looking forward to my favorite time and being positive when the weather turns gloomy.. for that is when my mood turns gloomy as well. Summer is my winter's light at the end of the tunnel.

As for THIS summer, well, it's been jam-packed and it's not over yet! We've been camping, floating the river, took a trip to California, lots of bbq's, been to the races and the drags, celebrating family, life and warm weather when we've got it. 


Now we are in August (ALREADY!?!) and this month we have the Country Music Festival to attend like last year, and Wade's daughter is getting married this month too. Nathan has a birthday and I do believe my first day back to work (ugh) will be this month as well. 

I can honestly say that as busy as this summer has been, and I did at one time complain a bit that it is go, go, go a bit too too much... it has been a wonderful summer full of fun and good times. I never floated a river before, and I've never been to LA. Now I have! My summers of the past have included college, homework, ebay and staying home. I didn't do anything and i thought I liked it that way. 

But now I'm out there living life! LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE! 

There are some who pooh-pooh my enthusiasm. My mush and gush. But, it is who I am and I believe life is for living and we must have a positive attitude or we have a negative life. It's all in how you choose to live and I choose to live as cheerfully as possible!

So, I will enjoy my simple pleasures: a stalk of wheat, a golden sunset, the smell of hay and the sound of frogs croaking at night. The way my curtains blow in the gentle breeze, the song of the yellow finch at the bird feeder, how the light hits the leaves in the maple tree in the front yard. THAT, is truly what life is about. 

Enjoy what remains of your own summer. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's a quiet day, and I'm a little under the weather so probably feeling a little meloncholic. Is that a word? Oh well, if not, I just created it. LOL

 Thinking about some things. Writing random stuff and inviting you to come along on my whimsy. 

 This picture below: the dimes, these are mine. I find dimes, only by themselves. Those are the ones I pick up. If they're with other coins, they're insignificant. 
I have many "found" dimes, which I store in this pretty little gilded box with a glass lid on my dresser. I've used my sisters jewelry stamps to make some pendants in which I have stamped "sign" or, "sign of the dimes", or "make life count". Really, I take the dimes I find as a sign that
I am never alone. When I find one, I thank the powers that be for reminding me someone is watching over me, and with me, always.
This one, the red barn snow scene, is right down the street from where I live. It's beautiful. We had snow at the end of March and I took a short drive and got this one gorgeous shot before I 
decided I should go back home where it was safe.
My hunny surprised me recently with tickets to Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square. He called and asked if I would like to go to see them with him, in true dating fashion. Sometimes he can be so romantic. We had just had a snow storm (as in above picture) and drove to Eugene for the concert. On the way it was fine, but the way home was not good. TONS of snow. But, we were in a 4 wheel drive, and I wasn't driving, and I was warm and safe with my sweet fiance. I got to enjoy the white of the night and get lost in music. And be thankful for being safe in the arms of love.

 Below is a door knocker I found attached to the most darling house for sale in Albany
about a year ago. I have  a thing for old doors, and even more of a thing for door architecture. I consider this beautiful art. What a lovely thing to greet you when you make a house call. Don't you think?

 We took the kids up past McDowell Creek last winter and found a rock quarry and did some target practice. It was fun, but you know me.. I'm more about the scenery. This was on the way home, out of the forest, when a dark patch of road came to this clear, blue sunny opening. Reminds me of being hopeful as light always follows darkness. 

Throwing in for good measure a picture of me being silly. We were camping last summer
at Loon Lake and I was drawing a heart in the sand. My daughter snapped the shot. All you get
to see is my happy, smiling face. Being silly is good. Very good for the soul. 

I don't think I will ever grow up.

 A beautiful day en route to Carson City, Nevada last Memorial Day. We had snow in May at
Lake Tahoe. I just love a pretty barn picture.

By the way, all of these photos, are mine.

 This one is of my late sister-in-law Teresa and my brother Jim. It was near her birthday and the family rented a beach house (well, Jimmy did and we all came to stay too) just south of Newport. It was the weekend my Dad and step-mom Darlene were married. 

Can't help but feel sad.  

But it is a gentle reminder that life is precious and not to be
taken for granted. You never know when your time is up. 

Love them while you can.

Ah, and this one, below, reminds me of how young and dumb we can be. 

It also reminds me of how when we are so young and dumb, we don't know how we really do, at that age, have the power to do anything our heart desires. We just have to get over the limits we place on ourselves. GO OUT AND DO WHAT YOU DESIRE! The world is ours at that age. 

(jumped off soap box and fell flat on my face)

(got back up and dusted myself off, and moved on)

I think I was 15 in this picture. Chantel is a baby laying on my bed there, you can barely see her. I held Chantel as a baby, and I've held Chantel's own baby in my arms and before you know it, I'll be holding Chantel's baby's baby in my arms. 

And they will be young and dumb too. 

And here below are the two people that made such an impression on me, especially at that
young and dumb age above. If not for these two, I would not be the person I am today. A good person.  I firmly believe in the ability of ONE person (or two) to make a total difference in the life
of a child. If you can be that one person, please be it. You will be remembered, and treasured

for always.

 Looking back. And looking forward. Sometimes a meloncholic kind of day is good for you. Reflection is good.  Good for the soul.