Monday, February 15, 2010

Sticky Notes

Above, are some things I look at while I am doing my homework at my desk.
A shelf holds those bright pink sticky notes that don't let me forget
important upcoming due dates, and those are just the "big" ones.

My daughter left me the most important ones, on the left.

*Just a few more weeks and one more term is under my belt.*

*the lovelies wrapped around the top of the glass container holding my pearl buttons are the bracelets my sister makes. You can find her on ETSY by clicking on the link up to the side here on emmas gems vintage blog!*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

As we patiently wait for summer...

Whilst we wait for our beloved Summer to arrive,
I can stroll down a lovely small town road and dream....

.... dream about the day when I will have my very own front porch,
where I and my dog(s) will enjoy long, long days of nothing but
sitting and enjoying long, long days of warm, warm summer.

I'm hoping for a vintage home, one that needs a little or a lot of love.

White picket fence too, please!

But mostly just a home that can we can fill with a whole lotta love.

I keep plugging away at the dream...... it'll come!

*photos of last summer's trip to my dream retiring spot ~ Jacksonville, Oregon. The top photo
is of the bed and breakfast my sis and I are GOING to stay at this spring or summer. That is, if it ever gets here.... it'll come!*