Saturday, August 22, 2009

Artful Inspiration: AN INSPIRATION BOARD

Remember the other night? (the last post) I was sitting here, wondering what to do. Then they boys came in and we played a board game.
Well, today, I realized.. I wanted to MAKE something.
So I looked online for some inspiration. So many wonderful blogs out there.
I decided I wanted to make an INSPIRATION BOARD!

This post isn't working out quite right, as I was going to go picture by picture with how the project came along. But you'll get the general idea.
Anyway, I usually have a few things scattered around the house with words of wisdom or things that inspire me. Usually, some kind of corkboard with pictures and dreamy things. Nothing like that right now.

So I took the girls down to the craft store and started looking for the basics for my inspiration board. I knew I wanted a base of soft blue. Then I chose the black and white papers for contrast. My future bedroom is going to be dreamy blue, with white washed furniture. A black desk and windsor chair. This will look quite nice when it's all put together.

Above, I was referring to the bedroom, not the board. But first things first! Here is all the stuff I got at the craft store.

This (above) shows a corner pocket with rick-rack accents. My future bedroom will have a lot of vintage. So rick-rack goes quite nicely!

The little card above was made with a sticker and pre-made frame paper. The quote says: "All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold & reveal itself.: ~ Eileen Caddy
I really believe that is true!

Well this one turned out sideways... oops. I decided to add an "Inspiration WIRE" to my board, because I absolutely LOVE the idea! This picture shows cut out letters saying "Have Fun."

I decided to make some little cards to centerpiece
hanging down from the middle of the wire, or to display within the black design in the middle of the board. Each card expresses an attitude or quote.

The big blue one above says: I AM HERE TO LIVE OUT LOUD!
Love it!

Above I have tweaked the vintage photo as well as a page from an old autograph album dating 1905. Added some vintage jewelry, too.

Here, I made a corner pocket to tuck the sayings cards into.

VOILA! This is the finished product but was supposed to be at the end of the post. I did a couple more little things as you will see.

This wonderful floral paper cut outs were a whole sheet in the scrapbook paper section (same as that wonderful black cut out) that I carefully cut apart to make the sweet floral sprigs.

Ah, above is the FINAL final product, without the frame, which will be antique black.

These are the quote/attitude/inspiration cards to tuck into the side pocket. Sideways, sorry.

My niece cleverly attached this old photo above as the gift tag last Christmas.

And finally, this last card says: (A-maz-ing) Surprising greatly. Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.

This is exactly how I feel lately: INSPIRED and surprised (by my recent straight A's at my first term back to college after 26 years). I underestimated myself. But now I feel like I could do almost anything... and why shouldn't I?! We are only limited by how we limit ourselves.

So, I plan to be making MORE inspiring things more often.


You can do it, too!

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emmasgemsvintage said...

It looks great AND you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! Congrats on straight A's....I told you so!