Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hiking At Silver Falls

Two enormous ant hills.

It was a long way down!

Another beautiful falls!

Gettin' her feet wet!

South Falls

Underneath the falls. Felt goooood!

Nathan was thirsty so he filled his can back up.... LOL

Thought of a fun day trip for the kids and I.

Just a short and very scenic drive away is Silver Creek Falls, which they just call Silver Falls now.

In the middle of this vast farmland lies these beautiful falls.

It offers wonderful picnic grounds, a safe swimming hole, great hiking adventures and stunning falls you can walk under.

But you know this because the only people who read this blog have gone there with me. LOL.

There was me and 5 kids. We were only going to go to the South and most popular falls. But then we decided to venture further to the next falls. FIVE miles and a lot of UPhill climbing later, we were tired and hungry. Glad to be done with the hike, the girls had the swimming hole entirely to themselves and me and the boys sat on the grassy hill right by and watched them swim.

The golden sun was in our eyes the whole way home and I got to enjoy the scenery as Matt drove.

For the next three days my legs were killing me. Maybe I am a little out of shape? But it was worth it!

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emmasgemsvintage said...

Pretty photos! Looks like fun. I'm glad I didn't go tho--my knees can't take it...nor my lungs....or my heart....or....oooorrrr.....!