Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: CHOICE the Portable 7 Habits

Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has come up with
a sweet little PORTABLE book that is interesting, engaging, uplifting and inspiring!

* it is by chance that I happened to find it at Powell's two days ago*

It was on the wrong shelf in the wrong area in the wrong room. POWELL'S is a HUGE bookstore on an entire city block in downtown Portland. A MUST destination if
you love books and can be lost for hours in a bookstore. That's me!

So this book called out to me. I knew I had to have it... and the price was right: $7.50. Better than a
poke in the eye, I like to say!

I teach kids all day long about making choices. How to stop and think. I knew I could use this
book with the kids I work with. But I had no idea I would use this book within a DAY
of buying it, and then again today by sharing some of it's contents with a friend
who needed this information RIGHT NOW to solve a problem.

The book is all about choices. How we have a choice in how we react to something. How we think about something. How we live. Most people believe they have little control about what life has to offer them. But life is all about choices.

This book offers a quick little read, in black and white. Only takes about an hour at the most to get from front to back. But if you want to really absorb and FEEL what this book has to offer, you should stop on each page and absorb the information. Read it over and over again. Pick pages that resonate within you. I find that I can find a page that corresponds to how I am feeling at a particular time that will help me work through that feeling.

I also use the information to pass on to others, whether it be on my blog, or my Facebook page, or in person.

A simple quote or idea can have a profound impact on a person who has an open mind.
The suggestions in this book are perfect if you are open to change or to the possibility of changing
your life for the better.

Here is a sample:

If you look at things properly, there's no need to wait for the dessert cart.
~ Merrill Markoe

Have a look: it's worth the time! Make the choice!

Get Low Trailer (HD)


I don't normally get excited to see a movie, but when I heard NPR interviewing Robert Duvall about this movie, it piqued my curiosity.

This movie is about an elderly recluse who stages his own funeral, WHILE he is living. Bill Murray acts as Duvall's funeral director. Based somewhat on a true story, it offers an interesting insight into the life of a hermit.

After hearing about the movie, I went home and looked up the trailer on YouTube, which I will include here. Now I'm sold! I can't wait for it to come out later this year.

Have a look: