Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On My Mind

Mid-Summer Update

As I sit here, I can look out my back door and see the breeze blowing in the flowers and birds in the feeder. The sun is golden and the grass has gone dry. We're harvesting our garden and delighting in seeing our lovely property bloom over the last year that we've lived and loved here. 

I don't really know why I feel this way, but this seems like the summer of "relish". 

I'm relishing everything that presents to my senses. Every thing I look at is "art". I'm taking it all in, living in the present. I have an immense feeling of gratitude and it makes me feel happy, peaceful and appreciative. 

* Maybe it's because I have a lovely husband of one year who shows me love & support I've never known *
* Maybe it's because I have 3 wonderful children who love me as much as I love them ~ they are my greatest accomplishment *
* Maybe it's because I have a loving family that is fairly drama-free and extremely appreciative of FAMILY *
* Maybe it's because I know time is short and of the essence and knowing this, I make the most of every moment *
* Maybe it's because my mind is always taking artful snapshots and I CHOOSE to see the beauty in everything *
*Maybe it's because I have summers off and I'm relishing this time off before I go back to the mayhem *
*Maybe it's because certain toxic people have not been front and center in my life for the last year, and now the restraining order is no longer in effect and I know that the peace may not last * 

at any rate, overcoming obstacles with a right attitude has gotten me to this grateful place in my life, and knowing when it's good and appreciating that. THANKING the Universe for the opportunity to live a life well and hoping I am doing it right and enough. 

That's what I think about... doing it right and doing enough of it. Life is so short and full of complications and Mean People. We have to do things to nourish our souls and recharge when our bliss meters point to near empty. I'm all about BLISS and I am thankful my
life has enough blissful people and things to keep my meter up in the medium to high level almost all the time. 

Some things I've done this summer *so far* that make my heart sing:
*camping with Wade's family, 46 people and 14 dogs all got along*
NOT working, at work. Not missing it one iota. 
Working at home: on a garden, on to do lists, housekeeping, cooking.
Tending a garden and flowers. Reading. Sitting in the quiet. Rocking in my rocking chair.
Camping at the Mopar Nationals, just me and my hubby, our yearly tradition. Rodeo's and fairs, floating our boat on the river. Gathering river rocks. Sitting in the swing and laughing with my girl. Morning coffee on weekends with my husband.
Birthday bash for Kristina and Wade at Kitty's. FAMILY getting together and feeling 
the love, clearly.
LISTENING to the quiet. Taking care of myself. Banking my bliss! I COULD GO ON! 

We'll see how the rest of the summer goes. Update soon!