Friday, September 18, 2009

Tommy's Last Night At The Jockey Club ~1952~ AN UPDATE

(FROM AN EARLIER POST ~ WITH an update at the bottom)

This is Tom, who in 1952 (or '53) worked his last night

at the Jockey Club. He's a mighty handsome fellow.

I think THIS Tom gave the Tom in "Cocktail" some pointers!

Good with mixing smooth drinks, and smooth with the women, as you will
see in the next few photos.

Quite the charmer, that Tom.

Above are his "tools". Seems innocent enough.

Ah, here is where the trouble began. Tom's other tools are
his hands. Not that Snooks seems to mind.

Oh my, here is the evidence of Tom's OTHER tool.

...those LIPS!

...It started a chain reaction!

Snooks is ready for more!

Here's to YOU, Tom!

I'm sure you were sorely missed at the Jockey Club.

*all photos from RUTH'S photo album ~ see older posts*

As an unusual side note ~ Since posting this, I found out that Betty, my new friend, in the above photo with Tom, later MARRIED him! They were happily married for many, many years until Tom's passing in the 1990's.

Cheers to you both, Tom & Betty!

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