Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Life Means Something

"ANDERSON, S.C. (Sept. 16) - David Condon died broke and alone
in a zipped-up tent on the banks of a South Carolina lake, his stomach empty
and his lungs filling with fluid. His friends and family hadn't seen the bright but
reclusive Civil War buff in more than two months. He lost his job as a program
coordinator at the local museum last year, fell behind on his rent and seemed to
retreat even more into himself than usual.
Sometime in early July he disappeared. On Labor Day weekend, a group of college kids vacationing at a condo complex a few hundred yards from his tent found his body. The local coroner said he died of pneumonia, made worse by malnutrition. He was dehydrated and had lost 50 pounds in a few months. " (AP Press/AOL News)
...there's more to this sad story. I'm just irked that this kind of thing happens.
David Condon died alone. And he didn't reach out to anyone. Why couldn't his friends TELL something was up? Why did he die alone in a tent on the river?

Not all blogs can be happy and joyful. We need these kinds of stories to open our
eyes. I feel really sad for this man. And for his friends and family who are left
to wonder why they didn't know anything. And to stress that if you are feeling all alone
you only need to reach out to others.

There is ALWAYS someone willing to help.

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