Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Decorating My Classroom and First Day of School

Allow me to take you on a tour of my little classroom!

The above picture shows the only window in my classroom. This little
nook is where I have my reading groups. They start next week.
Notice the old radiator heater. Our boiler is from 1935, our only source of heat.

We do not have air conditioning. It gets hot in this building!

If you look out the window you can see our school is in a historical neighborhood and my view looks out at Historical Craftsman Bungalows and other quaint & cozy homes. I took a ten minute walk on my break today along the canal one block away. A treat!

This is the view from the window. You can see my desk, and the hallway out of my room, where there is another radiator. A lot of the time the boiler doesn't work. The school was built in 1915, a brick building. It has almost been torn down twice. The neighborhood & parents saved it. It may be old, but we love it.

I like this little nook above the shelves because it seems to be the first thing you see when
you come into my room. This year I added vintage items like an old flag, picnic basket, polka dot scarf
and an old picture of the flag salute.
I think a lot of the theme of my room is going to be about the Grand Old Flag.

Above is the view from the doorway. So you see my desk to the right, first stop for customers. Then there is the table where kids will do problem solving or work. Then the kidney shaped table where I teach reading. To
the left is all shelves. You can't tell from this picture but I have lot of RED and Mary Engelbreit stuff, cheery cherries to brighten the room.
The room length dry erase board is my canvas for reading group teaching, drawings, quotes and problem solving skills examples.

DO YOU LIKE THE GOLD CARPET? Probably old as the school....

And here are two of my little darlings above on their FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Nathan is now in 11th grade and McKenna is in middle school. You can't see the other one who graduated last year because he's the lucky one still all cozy in bed.


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