Thursday, September 17, 2009

Loves Me Like A Rock

This is very HEART felt story.

Toward the end of the school year last year, Elena brought a rock to school
and stopped to show me. This is the kind of stuff kids do, but Elena is no ordinary kid.
I told her it was a "cool" rock. It was heart shaped and I told her how
I collect heart shaped rocks.

So she told me she wanted me to have the rock.

I happened to have a book about HEART SHAPED ROCKS that my rockin' niece Kristina gave me for Christmas this last year. (she's so thoughtful!)

That book is on a shelf in my room. So I told Elena to come by and see the book I have. I placed the rock on the book and took a picture of it. I was so touched!


It is back to the new school year. On the first day of school, Elena comes to find me. She says
she has a present for me. Into my hand she places a small bag with some rocks in it that she has collected for me over the summer. I thank Elena and tell her I will look at them in a little bit.

When I get back to my room I open the little baggie and place the rocks on the shelf by the book and the other rock Elena gave me last year. I wasn't expecting what I found when I poured the rocks out of the bag.

They were all heart shaped.

*** and then my cup runs over***

I love working with kids.

*name has been changed for privacy*

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