Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Camping Alone With Your Honey Can Be Nice

My Wade & I went camping last weekend.

All alone.

That hasn't happened before, and it was quite nice.
Usually we have at least one to several others with us.

This time we decided to go it alone.. a much needed getaway.

We went to MILO McIVER State Park, near Estacada, Oregon.

It's beautiful in the fall, though we've not been any other time of the year till now.

They have two dams, a lake, a river and tons of forested campgrounds to bike, 

hike or walk.  

I'll be excited to see where we go next. On MY wish list is:

Southern Oregon
Redwood Forests
Seattle area
The Gorge 
Silver Creek Falls 
and any other state, anytime. 

 The view from above the park. You can't tell but this is WAYyyyyy above where we were. I zoomed in.

 Milo's tribute.

 The fishing (and the view) is good here.

 The dam, under construction.

 On our way to the fish hatchery at Milo. This is My Wade & Zeus.

<3 is camping alone with my honey. Well, and the little dog, too.

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