Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tour of My Appendicitis

Here, I look like I'm having fun.
But actually, I'm just grateful I am FINALLY  going off to surgery.

I had appendicitis. I could tell something wasn't right. Every time I'd eat, I felt like I'd devoured a cow. It just hurt. 
It took a few days, or maybe a couple weeks. Seems like that uncomfortable feeling was there after I ate for awhile. I chalked it up to being piggy. (here is the first sign... people... listen to your bodies) 

Then Sunday night I attended a lovely dinner, and couldn't eat. Felt like a greedy man on Thanksgiving... had to go lay on the rocker with my pants open. REALLY, really uncomfortable. Of course, I didn't lay on the rocker like that, but I sure wanted to. (another sign... I turned down pumpkin pie for dessert)
Later that night... couldn't get comfy..... tried to sleep out in the livingroom so Wade could sleep. I tried the chair, the couch, the floor... everything. Got sick, got mad, cried to God to make it something and not that I just had to poop. (frustration!!!!!)  How long can you put up with the pain? I asked God to give me a sign.. do I need to go to ER

So Wade comes out at 3:30. Later, he told he me found me on the floor in a fetal position. LOL  I guess that's a sign. To go to ER!!!!! So, off we went. By 7 am I was transported, via AMBULANCE! to the Portland Kaiser facility (insurance issue) and I think around 3:45 pm I had surgery. 

 Here, you see the hospital staff who cared for me. The first nurse before Nicole, was a blur. Sarah was sweet as pie. She encouraged me to walk and, gave me FOOD!!!! (jello and broth: the BEST thing in the world)...

My bed. I loved those things they put on your legs. Seriously. They were comforting. They constricted night and day. 
 My view.  Isn't it great? These two waited and waited with me. 
I remember coming out of surgery. Alone in that awful recovery room with all the other people recovering from surgery and I might as well have been in the nut house. People crying out, moaning, screaming, writhing around in their beds. I hated it in there. I couldn't open my eyes, but I could hear them around me.  I just wanted to be with my family. And when it finally came time to go to my room, there they were. All standing there, waiting for me. With love in their eyes. Now that's love. I felt really special at that moment. 
Anyway, an appendix is a mysterious little organ between your two intestines that has no use. Mine got infected. Now it's out and I'm home resting. I have 2 weeks to recover before I go back to work.  It's been a week now since my surgery. I feel tired, weak, dizzy and depressed. I want to be doing stuff but I can't. I've never had surgery before so this experience is new to me. I've been well cared for during this experience. But I don't want to do it again

And now, you've had a tour of my appendicitis! Thanks for reading!

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