Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ponderings on Old Pictures

... a little humor...

same woman?

* from an album dated 1908 *

Do you ever wonder about old pictures like these?
I see them all the time when I am out and about in search of jewelry inventory for my
etsy business. Sometimes I can't help but buy a few and take them home.
My sister buys them if they have names, then tries to find the family.
I just like to take them home cause maybe noone else will.
And I hate to see treasures like these without a home.
How does that happen, anyway?

It's not just the faces in the photos that get me. I also like the furniture.
And the jewelry. And sometimes I just love how a human can be
contorted to look like they have the waist of our beloved Barbie.
How do they DO that? And still breathe?

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