Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Big Beast Who Caused The Big Fall

Okay it wasn't really funny at the time...

The beast isn't the sweet little old lady, my ancient Quilly who is 14 or 15, can barely see or hear. No, it wasn't her fault.

It is the thing BEHIND her that caused the big fall.

Pellet stoves require a lot of attention. You have to drag 40 pound bags into the house.
Then the beast must be fed at least twice a day. And on occasion, you must clean the belly of the beast or the beast won't work at all.

That happened this morning. So I shut the beast down, scooped out smoldering pellet cinders and ashes in a little metal pot with a lid. Carried the pot outside to dump it out.

Then, my foot hit ice. Actually both feet hit ice, I slipped, then landed forward, smacking both of my knees and my right palm on the concrete. Guess what happened to the smoldering pot full of cinders and ashes?

It popped open onto my OTHER hand.

Immediately realizing that a burning coal was on my left index finger and causing major steam, I jumped up, then I did the thing most people do when they feel kindof silly for falling:

I looked around and felt embarrassed, hoping nobody saw.

Now, safe inside, with the beast fully ablaze, my knees and hand ache and I have a huge
blister on my finger that is killing me! My son gave me a medicated bandaid that looks like a slice of bacon (you'd have to know my son).

The beast must be fed, cleaned and emptied. But never underestimate freezing rain.

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emmasgemsvintage said...

Oh no! That's terrible. I hate falling but to get burned at the same time? Double humiliation and pain! Sorry!