Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late 1800's Antique Barn

In Jacksonville, there is a wonderful
old barn that was built before 1900, maybe long before. It now houses antiques, but
the architecture is just a marvel. My eyes were not on the antiques, but of the structure itself.

You can see the light shine through the cracks of the boards. (see picture two next to Pepsi sign)

Some of the old tools they used are still hanging from the rafters. It may have cracks, but the barn is strong as an ox.

When I did finally take my eyes away from the building, it was to notice a painting of a woman on one of the walls.

There, in the shop, is an elderly woman, working near the big pot-bellied wood stove. I asked her if that keeps her warm in the winter with the gaps in the wood and all. She says no, laughs and says she just stays home! (lol) I also say I notice she looks a lot like the (younger) woman in the painting. She says, yes, it is her.

It seems that woman is nearly as old as this building!

She goes on to tell me some history of the building, but foolish me, I did not write it down and the memory is not what it used to be.

You can't miss this corner barn located in Jacksonville, Oregon if you love old barns or antiques.

And old ladies!

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