Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trip to the Antique Mall

Today I felt like getting out for a bit. I decided to go visit an antique mall a friend told me about. She has a booth there so I thought I'd check it out. What a fun place, called BEEKMAN'S. I loved the set up and atmosphere. A lot of VERY nice things. I saw a hutch I want and decided to take a picture of it with my cell phone (for lack of better options) and then I just decided to take more pictures of things I liked. Excuse the quality but enjoy the idea. The vintage stove is for my sister. If I win the lottery tonight I'll pick it up for her. The tea pot is one of the pieces I'm missing that go with the set I started when my Grandma passed away. She had a set similar to this. The dollhouse and dolls... Grandma and Grandpa's had a dollhouse with dolls just like this and similar furniture. The MOM doll especially brings back memories. Going to antique malls and looking at vintage things takes me back, soothes my soul. I can just melt into those things for they give me such a warm and cozy feeling. I am vintage through and through.

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