Sunday, February 7, 2010

As we patiently wait for summer...

Whilst we wait for our beloved Summer to arrive,
I can stroll down a lovely small town road and dream....

.... dream about the day when I will have my very own front porch,
where I and my dog(s) will enjoy long, long days of nothing but
sitting and enjoying long, long days of warm, warm summer.

I'm hoping for a vintage home, one that needs a little or a lot of love.

White picket fence too, please!

But mostly just a home that can we can fill with a whole lotta love.

I keep plugging away at the dream...... it'll come!

*photos of last summer's trip to my dream retiring spot ~ Jacksonville, Oregon. The top photo
is of the bed and breakfast my sis and I are GOING to stay at this spring or summer. That is, if it ever gets here.... it'll come!*

1 comment:

emmasgemsvintage said...

You'll get all of it someday! I just know you will......I'm looking forward to sitting on your porch in my own reserved rocking chair!