Friday, May 1, 2009

More Oregon Garden

Something at every turn to please the eye. This, a large dragonfly sculpture.
I loved all the different trees!

...and the birds in them!

A great idea for kids, from the children's garden.

Kitty's favorite flower found here.

This couple has really gone to pot!

Wonderful, soothing fountains were aplenty!

Each turn, a vignette!


...and then, the smiling daffodils!

This was such a fun day for me and my sister, Kitty!
A nice little getaway looking at things we love... plants! And stopping at most of the benches to enjoy the view and conversation at a pace we could relish.
I have to do this day trip in sections! First we went to the Oregon Garden.
You really must go each season. We happened to go during spring. Daffodils in bloom. Or, as Kitty said... "They're smiling at us"... how enchanting!
Every flower, tree, bush, fountain... was a treat!
Hurry! GO! You might miss something!

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