Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lovely New Etsy Items *Come see*

Beautiful crystal and sterling screwback earrings.

A vintage locket necklace with dainty chain.

A fun vintage owl clock with moving eyes. Made in Germany.

Towle's Log Cabin. From Log Cabin syrup.

A sweet little spoon. RB White Metal on back. Salt spoon?

Italian fluer de lys spoon .

Three Italian spoons.

An assortment of vintage button pulls. Perhaps Bakelite?

Part of the celluloid dresser set. The hairs on the brushes are impeccable!

Vintage dresser set in celluloid or perhaps French Ivory.
Come see them all at my etsy shop:

Here are some new discoveries found in my jewelry stash. Sometimes I forget I have so much and when I go looking for things to list it is like they are all "new" again! That's a treat! I have a closet dedicated to my shop on Etsy and decided to start digging through and here is what I found, all to be listed on ETSY (ID: within the week, many of which are Italian origin. I hope you'll visit and find something you like!

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