Saturday, September 20, 2008

Handprint On My Heart

Recently, my daughter who is now 10, left her handprint on the mirrror of my dresser. Every time I enter my bedroom I notice that handprint and it makes me smile. Today, I was cleaning my bedroom, removing stacks of clutter from my dresser, catching dust bunnies running rampant. When it came time to clean the mirror, it was easy for me to NOT remove the handprint she left for me. So I cleaned around it.

My girl is growing up. Sure, she's only ten, but I know the time is coming soon when boys and fashion will overtake her world and shift her attention away from me. I accept that, but I don't have to particularly like it. Gone are the days when all of my kids were beautiful babies, and huggable toddlers. Then they became gradeschoolers and now two of them are close to manhood. I miss those days when they were little, oh so cute.

It got me thinking.

You know the saying, "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get toward the end, the faster it seems to go."

My parents are nearing their 70's. My siblings and I are pushing our way to 50. (oh ugh!). My sister had cancer. Luckily they found it quickly and got it all. But things like these got me thinking about how I live my own life.

I'm losing weight so I can live a longer, healthier life.

I'm decluttering my house and decluttering my life.

I wear clothes that make me feel good.

I call my mom or my sister more often.

I do more stuff with my friends.

I stop and notice how the sun hits a leaf.

I pay attention to the details.

I don't waste time on petty things.

I spend more time with my kids.

I spend less time worrying about dust.

So I think I will let the handprint stay on the mirror a little longer. She didn't just leave a handprint on my mirror.

She left a handprint on my heart.

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emmasgemsvintage said...

Ohhhhh, that was so sweet! Time flies.....I love you too sister! Kitty