Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Each Penny Is A Stoop

My most recent divine dime arrived in (what else!?) the laundry basket two days ago. I decided, when available, I will take a picture of the dimes I find. So, here is a picture of the dime, not very interesting, but to me ~ inspiring!

I would like to share with you a bit of the article I found in the coin-op laundry mat those years ago right after the dimes story came to life for me:

"My Grandfather told me that when an angel misses you, he or she will toss a penny down to tell you so." Two years ago my father passed away, leaving his wallet with six pennies inside. There are six children in our family, and the conclusion we reached was that he left one for each of us. Upon hearing about it, our aunt (Dad's sister) presented us with the following: "I am like a penny. Not a bad one, a very bright one. Remember, I'll always turn up wherever you find a penny anywhere. In the years to come, you'll pick one up and say, "There's Dad!" In time you'll have a thousand reminders of how much you're loved."

More excerpts soon.

My own dear Grandpa Larry on his walks with Grandma would stop to pick up pennies. He kept them in large coffee cans. When he passed away, my Dad took those pennies and filled baby food jars (from when my son Nathan was a baby) and then gave each of us kids (and grandkids) a jar at Christmas.

Labels on the jars said the following, as Grandpa used to say, "Now remember, each penny is a stoop!"

It's funny how little things can really mean a lot.

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emmasgemsvintage said...

I love this post....remembering Grandpa! I still have my jar of pennies! Love,KITTY