Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Day of Vacation

Here it is, finally. 


The years go by so fast! I look back on my blog posts and 
I was JUST blogging about summer coming and appreciating life by slowing
down.... and here, it has raced yet again, to another summer.

We had a very rough year. And a magical one, too.

Lots of heartache and sorrow and struggle. People we thought loved us
tried to destroy us. Now I watch my back everywhere I go.

But, not to be overshadowed by that, we also had much LOVE!

We got MARRIED! And, it had the look and feel of the wedding of my dreams.
Our family came together and made it beautiful.  

And now we live in a house on a hill with 7 gorgeous acres that I find like paradise.

I LOVE it here, and I love the people I live here with!

This morning was my first vacation day. I savored it.

I moved my glider rocker out to the front porch where I can sit and look at that magnificent
oak tree and gaze out at the mountains and trees. The birds chirp and the dog lays at my feet.
I sip coffee and READ, read, read to my hearts content. 

Then I got up and did a little housework, and then I did some creating. Then I sat back down and 
rested. Did some gardening. Fertilized plants. Admired flowers..... sat and rested. Sipped rootbeer in my 
rocker again. Just love it! 

Taking time to sit and rest and enjoy life..... priceless. 

Our porch is in transition. We poured the concrete and next year it will be  fabulous outdoor room!

This is a wedding item I refurbished by cleaning up and giving it chalkboard paint. Now it's a cute vignette in the yard! (safe from rain, of course!)

Above, partial view of the oak tree. 

Stay tuned for more summer stories! 

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