Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Sign of the Dimes and a Heart that Rocks!

Walking in to work today...

I spied a dime that worked it's way into the groove of the pavement.

It have been driven over so many times that it had bent into the shape of that groove in the pavement.

I picked it up, suddenly feeling a whole lot lighter and luckier.

My story is about the Sign of the Dimes.

You might not know about my story, but it's about how dimes come to me to give me a sign that the divine powers that be are with me, in my dark and bright days.

As if that bent and beat up dime wasn't enough...

We had an assembly today. I sat on the old wood floor of our gym alongside the students. A girl behind me made a little sound, and when I looked back... the coins in her pocket had fallen out. Two dimes lay there smiling at me.

And it gets even better....

The kids I work with know I love rocks, especially heart shaped ones.

A particular boy brought in a particular rock to show me this morning.

He walked in with a plain rock, but it had a slight heart shape to it, which was exciting enough, to me.

But then, his hands went to the rock, as if prying it open like an oyster with a pearl inside.

I had no idea.

He opened it and showed me the two sides of this rock... a fossilized shell.

He went to the beach last week.

And found the two matching pieces...

about a mile away from each other.

What are the odds of that?

I was awestruck! What a wonderful, simple, lovely thing. And he brought it in to show me.

Three wonderful and needed gifts this morning.

Someone's looking out for me.

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