Sunday, October 25, 2009

That Darn Cat

This is Mister Snapper, my cat.

We've had him for almost 12 years.

I'm allergic to cats, so until recently, Snapper and I have
enjoyed a "foot to the head" kind of relationship.
(I used my foot to pet him, not kick him!)

Then Snapper got a urinary blockage in August. $400 later, he was good.
Then, early this month, he got another that came on quick and he nearly died.
Another $400, I have to wonder what I will do if it happens again.

So now I let Snapper get on my lap when he wants to. He does this kitten "kneading" thing that
he used to do only to Mc's oversized stuffed bunny and panda.

Some funny things about Mister Snapper, if you don't mind:

He rings a bell on the door to let me know he wants to go potty outside.
He sleeps by my bedroom door at night because he knows he's not allowed to come inside.
He loves to tear up toilet paper and leave it in teeny bits strewn around the house.
When I don't get up at my regular time (5:35 am), he is my backup alarm.
He drinks out of the toilet, so I have had to retrain my boys about how the seat works.
He likes chips, especially Doritos.

He's a very manly cat, that Mister Snapper. But his vet says he is of the most sensitive kind
of cat there is. Here, all these years, I thought he was the tough man. Lo and behold, he's
just a little kitten on the inside.


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