Friday, August 29, 2008

How Sign Of The Dimes got it's name!

Sign Of The Dimes originated much the same way "pennies from heaven" came about. A long but moving story from a complete stranger changed my life forever. A guy fixed my washing machine and found some dimes. Told me a story about how his mother passed away and said she'd send messages from Heaven that she was okay. She sent dimes. In all kinds of odd ways. You could dismiss this as coincidence, but his mother proved it to be true. And then he passed some dimes on to me (that he found in my washing machine), said to keep the faith. And I started finding dimes too. In all kinds of odd ways & places. So they are a "Sign of The Dimes" for me to keep the faith and remember our loved ones watch out for us. Believe it or not, but it's my story. My inspiration. I wrote a long story about it after it first happened, years ago. Will share it with the world when I find it again. Until then, I keep finding dimes, only dimes (mostly in my washing machine) and I encourage you to keep your eyes out for a "SIGN OF THE DIMES". Thanks for listening!

Well guess what?! I found the envelope that held my story last week! I can only say that when I wrote it, I had the divine hand holding mine because I am certainly not a writer. So hang in there while I figure out a real WHIZ BANG way to present my story on this blog. I still haven't got the hang of it yet! Thank you for reading. And if you already have your own "dime" or pennies from heaven story, please do share!

~Kristy "Make Life Count"

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